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Welcome to Incredible Parenting. You’re almost certainly looking for effective solutions to parenting concerns, and we’re glad you’ve arrived here.

The Incredible Years Parenting Programme has helped families for 30 years, giving parents the skills they need to make happy, successful children. Sarah has delivered the course since 2004 supporting families with toddlers through to teens.

Some will say that parenting should be instinctive, but in fact we can all benefit from proven tools, making home life more relaxed and happy. There is no failure in attending a course on the contrary, recognising the importance of your job as a parent and investing in a course will reap rewards in the short term and serves as an investment for your child’s future.

Many parents struggle when dealing with children’s challenging behaviour and boundary-testing, and everyone can benefit from gaining skills and strategies that often revolutionise the relationships within the whole family. With these strategies it is easier to create a calm, loving and supportive home, where the children can thrive and be happy – and so can the adults.

The course material includes real family scenarios for discussion within a small group, and is highly researched, reflecting current thinking in parenting and child development.

Grandparents and other carers, often part of a child’s life, are most welcome, too.