Maximising your child's potential

“Before I attended this course with Sarah on parenting I was floundering....the course is brilliant and Sarah has a solution for everything and is very inventive.  She is an inspiration to us all.”  -
Parent from a recent course.
Does “no” mean “no” in your house?
Is bedtime fun or can it sometimes be a struggle?
Are mealtimes a positive family time or can they strain family relations?
This course can enable your children to be successful at home and at school, and to become happy adults in a challenging world.

Sarah Verney BA (Hons) delivers - 
‘Incredible Years Parenting Programme’.

This course focuses on:

Helping parents to build positive and close relationships with their children through happy play times,
Giving effective praise and rewards to help children (and parents),
Reducing the number of criticisms and orders a child needs to hear.
Clear limits and boundaries are set around acceptable or non-acceptable behaviour
Natural consequences and non-violent reprimands are taught. In addition,
A mid-week telephone call encourages parents as they take their parenting skills to a new level.


When you have completed the course and noticed the difference, you will know you are fully equipped to give your child the best start in life.

A Webster-Stratton Course